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Mon, Mar 10, 2008

Discussion of Scared Indoors

Posted at 08:00 /blog/letters [link [Bookmark Link]]

In response to our two-part program, Scared Indoors, we saw quite a bit of lively discussion in various forums online...

See more ...

Wed, Feb 27, 2008

Comment on Scared Indoors, part 1

Posted at 19:30 /blog/letters [link [Bookmark Link]]

In last week's program, Scared Indoors, part 1, We asked for your examples of scary or reassuring mainstream media stories about wilderness travel. A couple of people wrote in...

See more ...

Fri, Nov 23, 2007

Comment on Desert Roadless Traveled

Posted at 14:39 /blog/letters [link [Bookmark Link]]

This week's program, Desert Roadless Traveled, prompted a thoughtful comment from a listener, and a response from Kurt, our guest reporter who contributed the story.

See more ...

Sat, Nov 25, 2006

Apologies to Mark Eller

Posted at 11:30 /blog/letters [link [Bookmark Link]]

In our original posting of the article and script for edition #66, Wilderness Deals for Wheels, we misspelled the name of IMBA communications director Mark Eller as Mark Ehler. We corrected this in our published transcript and in the article.

Unfortunately, we were unable to correct the pronunciation in our program from AY-LER to EL-ER. Sorry about that, Mark!

Thu, Nov 03, 2005

Lightweight Backpacking Reading List

Posted at 17:48 /blog/letters [link [Bookmark Link]]

Ryan Jordan, who I interviewed for this week's show, wrote to remind me that he edited and published a more advanced book on lightweight backpacking techniques than any I mentioned in the show notes. Ryan's book is titled LIGHTWEIGHT BACKPACKING AND CAMPING: A Field Guide to Wilderness Hiking Equipment, Technique, and Style

If you want to read all of the books mentioned in this post and this week's show, I recommend doing it in this order:

  1. Allen & Mike's Really Cool Backpackin' Book, by Allen O'Bannon
  2. Lighten Up! by Don Ladigin
  3. Beyond Backpacking, by Ray Jardine
  4. Lightweight Backpacking and Camping, edited by Ryan Jordan

Tue, Sep 20, 2005

Correction to Trail Crew show #10

Posted at 13:36 /blog/letters [link [Bookmark Link]]

Ken Murray, the Public Information and Education Director for the High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew wrote:

I wanted to follow up with a correction on the podcast: In it, you referred to the saw used as a "bowsaw". What we use is actually a different type of saw, referred to either as a "buck saw" or a "crosscut saw".

Thank you, Ken, for the correction.


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