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Fri, Mar 28, 2008

Problems traveling with your gear?

Posted at 16:35 /blog/skills [link [Bookmark Link]]

Have you ever travelled to a wilderness trailhead using a major commercial airline? If so, what difficulties did you have taking your gear? Did you have to leave anything behind at a security checkpoint? When you claimed your checked bag, did you find that your gear was searched-through and it's contents disturbed?

We'd like to hear your comments for possible use in next week's show. Please call-in your stories to our toll-free (in the U.S.) comment line: 1-866-590-7373

Mon, Aug 28, 2006

Wilderness Dishwashing Science

Posted at 07:20 /blog/skills [link [Bookmark Link]]

Keeping your cooking and eating gear clean in the backcountry is a bit more difficult. The main limitation is that in the backcountry you don't have the liberally-flowing clean water you would have in civilization

An article in Science News Magazine reviews some recent science that sheds some light on this issue. In How to Wash Up in the Wilderness, microbiologist Joanna Hargreaves says that two and three bowl methods are ideal. The first bowl has grease-cutting detergent, the second bowl has water containing a strong disinfectant like chlorine bleach, and the third has clean, purified water. She says if water is scarce, you can skip that third bowl.

Sat, Jul 15, 2006

Announcing: Fixing Your Feet, 4th edition

Posted at 14:25 /blog/skills [link [Bookmark Link]]

John Vonhoff, who we interviewed for Getting Fit Feet (our editions #40 and #41), wrote to announce the newest edition of his book:

…The 4th edition of Fixing Your Feet is available. The publisher got them this week. I put up a new website, and will be adding more articles in the months ahead.


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