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The WildeBeat is a donation-funded, nonprofit educational project of Earth Island Institute, a 501c3 corporation.



To help us promote safe and environmentally responsible wilderness recreation, and enable people to discover the value of wild public lands.

Each edition of the WildeBeat takes hours to research, record, and produce. And that doesn't count the travel time and expenses, the web hosting costs, phone costs, and more. On the average, a 10-minute edition represents over 24 hours of work.



Your gift of support allows us to produce more and better programs. With it, we'll travel farther, buy stories from other independent producers and reporters, and increase the total amount of content we produce. Without your support, our frequency or the quality of our programs will suffer.

Your annual membership is fully tax-deductible (in the United States). Supporters and members receive access to our WildeBeat Insider web site and e-mail newsletter, which provides access to bonus audio content, sneak peaks at stories we're working on, access to special deals from our corporate and organizational sponsors, and a calendar with opportunities to meet our staff, volunteers, and guests featured on the show.

Supporters and members can subscribe to Earth Island Journal at no extra charge (a $25 value). Earth Island Journal is the award-winning quarterly print magazine of environmental news published by our parent organization.

Some of our corporate sponsors donate their products or services for us to give to our members as Thank You gifts. You can select some of these gifts when you become a member. To find out about our latest premiums, check out our Sponsors blog posts.


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By underwriting the production and distribution costs of a complete segment of the WildeBeat, businesses and organizations get public radio style acknowledgment. To find out more about our audience and circulation look at our About page.

If you share our interest in cultivating the public's interest in responsible wilderness recreation, here's your chance to be identified with helping people discover and explore the wonders of a wilderness experience. Your name will be identified in perpetuity within that segment's audio and in it's web-page article.

We're also seeking in-kind donations of products and services that we can auction or provide as incentives to new members. Donating a quantity of your product is a great way to increase your product's exposure, and support our work. Items in the range of 50% or more of our membership levels are most effective at attracting new members. Those membership levels include $16, $48, $100, and $250.

A media information kit is available upon request. Underwriters are asked to sign a simple, two-page agreement; we'll send you a sample on request. Please contact us by e-mail or phone:


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