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Wed, Feb 27, 2008

Comment on Scared Indoors, part 1

Posted at 19:30 /blog/letters [link [Bookmark Link]]

In last week's program, Scared Indoors, part 1, We asked for your examples of scary or reassuring mainstream media stories about wilderness travel. A couple of people wrote in...

Steve Willis, a listener in South Carolina wrote:

At the end of program number 126 titled "Scared Indoors" you indicated you wanted comments from your listeners concerning the media's reporting of wilderness news. Well here in the upstate of South Carolina we ain't scared because we have a weekly section in the Greenville News called Outdoors. Weekly the staff reports on people getting into the outdoors and provides a listing of local events, hikes, rides, etc. going on over the course of the next couple of weeks. I think they do a fine job of making the outdoors accessible and realistic for the average Joe.

Articles like the one that Mike Foley did on 3 boy scouts backpacking the Foothills Trail last summer gave my scouts the desire to follow suit and do the same thing this spring break. We also like the tracking of the AT thru hikers that they do on their web site. At the bottom of the page they always indicate quick notes about the wildlife, plants and other notes that you're likely to see when getting out in the wilderness. I'm anxious this year to see for the first time the Oconee Bells bloom while on our hike of the Foothills Trail.

I wish I could show you a layout of a typical page but I cannot since their web site is organized differently than their print version... Like I indicated before the layout and organization and the type of articles they do make the outdoors accessible to the average Joe. Kudos to the Greenville News Outdoors reporters. Also kudos go to your podcast! I love it! Thanks for all you do.


Anthony Jones, a listener in southern California wrote:

I've been listening to your podcast for well over a year now and can't wait to download part two of Scared Indoors. In your podcast you mentioned a lot of people seem to get the idea that you've got to be an extreme sports guy to get out and enjoy the wilderness.

I've been putting together a podcast for a little while about my hikes and backpack trips in California. I'm not an elite athlete, just a middle aged guy with a wife and kids and two dogs. While I love hearing about Andrew Skurka's Great Western Loop and guys yo-yoing the PCT, I know I'll never get the time away to go an do something like that. I focus my audio journals on day hikes in the Southern California area and 3 day trips along the Sierras.

Here's the link: Anthonys Audio Journal


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