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Shows number 65: Backcountry Home Cooking

Steve's Vegetarian Spaghetti Recipe

This is not quite as convenient as the commercially packaged meals that you can cook in the pouch, but we certainly prefer it in all but the most hasty situations. We make up large batches of packages several times each year, and keep them frozen until we pack for our trips.

Tomato powder 3.00 Tbsp
Texturized Vegetable Protein 0.50 cup
Spinach, dried, chopped 0.33 cup
Spices, garlic powder 1.00 tsp
Spices, Italian herbs 2.00 tsp
Spices, red pepper, crushed 0.25 tsp
Spices, salt, iodized dash
Spaghetti, whole-wheat, dry 6.00 oz (by weight)
Cheese, parmesan, dried 2.00 Tbsp
Serving size:
8 oz. bowl
To make sauce, combine all ingredients except cheese and spaghetti; package in a sealed bag. Measure cheese into a separate bag. Place spaghetti, cheese bag, and sauce bag together in a larger sealed bag.
Bring 3 cups of water to a boil. Place spaghetti in water and boil for 5-6 minutes. Reduce heat to a simmer; stir in sauce mix and cover for 5 minutes. Top with cheese to serve.
Storage & shelf life:
If packaged in a standard zipper bag, this meal should remain good for several weeks at room temperature, and about a year if frozen. If packaged in a vacuum-sealed bag, it should last 6 months at room temperature and 2 - 4 years frozen.

Sources for Dried Foods

Below are some places we've found that sell ingredients for assembling your own dried meals. It's not an exhaustive list. You might find a lot of good ingredients in your local grocery store, or specialty natural foods store. We're not endorsing any of these vendors, and have only limited experience with them.

  • Bob's Red Mill
    Whole grains, flours, and other dried ingredients.
  • Enertia Trail Foods
    In addition to their line of dehydrated meals, they sell bulk staples including beans, vegetables, grains, eggs, and spices.
  • Harmony House Foods
    Dehydrated fruits, vegetables, and soup mixes.
  • Just Tomatoes, etc.
    Freeze dried fruits and vegetables.
  • Minimus
    A source for single-serving packages of condiments and other foods that could be added to your recipes.
  • Rocky Mountain Spice Company
    A source for a wide range of dehydrated vegetables and other dry ingredients. They also sell bulk spices.
  • Walton Feed
    Dehydrated vegetables and organic grains.

If you know of other good sources for dehydrated and dry ingredients, please send us an e-mail.

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