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The WildeBeat edition 142: Modern Rain Gear

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An important part of keeping warm is keeping dry, and the first part you want to protect is your torso. This week on The WildeBeat; Modern Rain Gear

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News from the Wildebeat, the audio journal about getting into the wilderness.

This is program number one forty two.

I'm Steve Sergeant.

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STEVE: When the rain starts falling, the first piece of gear most of us put on is a rain jacket. Manufacturers are always trying to improve their products by making them useful in a wider range of conditions, and each manufacturer takes a different approach to make their product more versatile. Three volunteer testers from Backpack Gear Test dot ORG recently completed reviews of the latest in rain tops. Here are their reviews.

STEVE: Our first tester is Steve Nelson from Kentfield, California. As in all Backpack Gear Test reviews, Steve starts out telling us a little about his backpacking experience.

STEVEN NELSON: I've been backpacking, camping... [0:35] ...and then, Lake Tahoe.

STEVE: Steve tested the Poncho Villa by Antigravity Gear.

STEVEN NELSON: It's a poncho that's meant to be used... [2:29] ...rain gea that gives you a little more coverage.

STEVE: Our second tester is Gail Staisil from Marquette, Michigan.

GAIL STAISIL: I didn't actually get into backpacking... [0:33] ...where I visit annually.

STEVE: Gail tested the Women's Celestial Jacket by Outdoor Research.

GAIL STAISIL: It's made out of Gore Tex Packlite... [2:30] ...required a helmet.

STEVE: Our third tester is Jim Sabiston from the New York City area.

JIM SABISTON: I've been backpacking since I was... [0:32] ...the Adirondacks.

STEVE: Jim tested the eVENT Cruiser Jacket by Integral Designs.

JIM SABISTON: Integral Designs markets it as... [2:56] ...real extreme conditions.

STEVE: My thanks to Steve Nelson, Gail Staisil, Jim Sabiston, and the editors at Backpack Gear Test, for making this edition possible. Please remember that these opinions are those of the individual contributors, and don't necessarily reflect those of Backpack Gear Test, or of The WildeBeat. Backpack Gear Test is looking for qualified volunteer testers. To get qualified, you start out by writing reviews of gear you already own. After that, you could be offered free gear to review.

STEVE: We'd like to hear your comments or questions about the gear mentioned on this show, or about anything else we do on the Wildebeat. You can send e-mail to comments at WildeBeat dot net, or call our toll free comment line at 866-590-7373. To find out more about becoming a tester, or to read the original text reviews of these products, please follow the links on our web site.

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This has been The WildeBeat, program number one forty two. Thank you for listening.

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Next time -- Bear-riers.

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